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Therapeutic Services

OT (Occupational Therapy)

The OT Department at Happy Hour 4 Kids works with children of all ability levels in the areas of fine motor skill development, visual motor or visual perceptual skill development, muscle weakness (low tone), and sensory processing or sensory integration difficulties. All therapy is provided by knowledgeable, caring therapists with years of pediatric experience. Treatment takes place in a 600 square foot state of the art sensory gym that provides children with an ideal environment to achieve their highest potential.

PT (Physical Therapy)

Pediatric Physical Therapy addresses gross motor skills as they impact a child’s functional abilities towards independence. Focus is geared towards aiding a child in achieving age appropriate milestones. Physical therapy address areas of strength, balance, coordination, tone, gait, orthotic and equipment management; as well as functional outcomes such as rolling over, sitting up, walking, running, jumping, and ball play skills.

ST (Speech Therapy)

The Speech and Language department at Happy Hour 4 Kids is dedicated to serving children of all ages with varying levels of abilities. Common areas of focus are expressive and receptive language skills, fluency, articulation, voice, and oral motor difficulties. Speech language pathologists also work with children who are having trouble communicating verbally, as well as children working on social/pragmatic language skills. All therapy is provided by knowledgeable, caring and enthusiastic speech and language pathologists with extensive experience working with the pediatric population.

Fine Motor/Handwriting Group

Designed for children who may struggle to grasp the basic concepts of handwriting readiness (coloring, cutting, lacing, drawing and/or handwriting skills). Activities are designed to address all areas of fine motor coordination, bilateral hand skills, visual motor coordination and upper extremity strengthening. Therapy consists of art based activities that are motivating and allow children to feel successful with an otherwise difficult task in a supportive environment.

Pragmatic Language Group

A small group of up to four children with a focus on the social/pragmatic component of language development. Goals focus on the three key components of pragmatic language which include using language in different situations (i.e. greeting, requesting, etc.), changing language appropriately based on the setting or listener (i.e. classroom vs. playground or baby vs. adult), and following the ‘rules’ of conversation (i.e. staying on topic, reading verbal/nonverbal signals, taking turns talking and listening, etc.).

Gross Motor Group

A small group of up to four children designed for children with difficulties in the areas of: hand-eye coordination, balance, gross motor skills, turn taking, body/safety awareness, tolerance of different environments and tactile exploration. Some activities included are (but not limited to): obstacle courses, climbing, partner games and play based learning activities. Benefits include making friends, working on similar skills/challenges in a structured environment, handouts/”homework” on how to overcome/work with sensory challenges. All groups are led by Happy Hour 4 Kids highly skilled pediatric therapists.