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Parent Roles & Responsibilities

The family’s involvement and commitment to your child’s academics and therapies will be critical. We view parents as our partners in helping a child develop, grow and learn—both behaviorally and academically. For our partnership to be effective, we will work together with clear goals and clear roles.

Our role is to design and give your child the most advanced, empirically-based physical, behavioral and educational therapies via an intensive and individualized program in order to impart the tools needed to reach his/her maximum potential. Your role in our partnership will include helping generalize all that your child learns here at Happy Hour. We will work in close collaboration with you to ensure that progress extends beyond our doors into your homes and the world around us.

Beyond the application of therapies and academics, there are the practical matters parents at Happy Hour should attend to in order for us to best serve your family and child. What follows is a short list of the administrative things we will ask of you.

Please keep the following expectations close at hand as you ready your child for Happy Hour and be sure to relay the information we need to keep your child safe and moving towards his/her goals:

  • Please advise us of any allergies or medical conditions your child may have, and please supply us with any medical devices that may be necessary for his/her well-being. Be sure we are aware of those medical devices so we stand ready to use them when necessary.
  • Make sure we have emergency contact information for your family and that it is both current and on file here.
  • There are no uniforms or dress codes at Happy Hour. Simply dress your child to come to Happy Hour in comfortable and weather appropriate clothing. Please provide us with a labelled change of clothes that we will keep here in case of any accidents.
  • Make sure your child is in regular attendance.
  • We will develop a number of home programs and behavioral strategies designed for your child and ask that you participate in them as often as you are able to.
  • Make sure we have a copy of your child’s annual IEP, progress reports and any other evaluations. This is important.

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